''My writing process begins in the studio, building bass lines, loops and samples in Ableton Live and experimenting with acoustic drums. I develop these ideas into full tracks, mix and master them and separate them into short clips and loops. These can be triggered on the fly, opening endless possibilities for improvisation and experimentation on stage. Compared to my studio tracks - which feature more electronic components - the acoustic drums are more predominant in the live show which also often features vocalists and other instrumentalists. I love interaction and spontaneity on stage and I really thrive when working with other like-minded musicians''.    - Sam

I use a hybrid acoustic and electronic kit, laptop and tonnes of triggered effects to play my music live. I use Ableton Live to translate my tracks for the live environment - I trigger samples, loops and I blend the acoustics sounds of my kit with electronic drum hits to add weight and power.


  • PC - (Starship Computers laptop & Windows Workstation) - an audio specialist PC with a streamlined windows based operating system for optimum stability and low latency

  • Ableton Live - DAW software designed for interactive DJ style live performances

  • Akai midi controllers - to trigger loops and FX within Ableton Live

  • Focusrite 18i8 Interface - I mic up my drums, send the signal  into Ableton live and through some heavy processing, including EQs, Compressors, reverbs and delays

  • Roland SPD SX - for triggering drum samples and loops to enhance the funk

  • Senheiser Microphones - for hi-fidelity sound on stage

  • Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Drums

  • Zildjian Cymbals

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